Dinner With Dames

Dinner With Dames

Who: 1 film industry leader & 7-8 women. Leaders so far include: Simon Barrett (The Guest, You're Next), Zoe Bell (Camino, The Hateful Eight), Lawrence Kopeikin (Entertainment Attorney), David Boxerbaum (Paradigm), Dean Cundey (Jurassic Park, Back to the Future), Paul Feig (Ghostbusters, Spy), Morgan Long (Requiem Entertainment), Elvia Van Es (VP, Development at TLC), and Byron Willinger (The Commuter). 

What: A casual discussion on issues facing women & ways to excel in their careers over dinner & drinks

Where: A moveable feast

Why: Propel women to bigger & better career opportunities within studios & networks

When: Once a month

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EXCLUSIVE: Paul Feig Mentors Female Filmmakers at 'Dinner With Dames' Event

Cinefemme invites Hollywood to tackle the gender diversity issue by sitting down for dinner with up and coming female writers, directors, producers, and other skilled department heads. Join us for Dinner with Dames! Mentors have the opportunity to provide direct but brief guidance, including a half hour follow up coffee with one woman. We would love to dine with studio executives, agents, attorneys, directors, producers, and other industry players with the goal of learning more about each other’s work and encouraging leaders to consider more female candidates next time they’re hiring.


Cinefemme will compile a group of women from different departments, ethnicities, the LGBTQ spectrum, and working mothers to cover a variety of perspectives on film work and some of its obstacles and set them up on a dinner date with leaders from across the industry.  If you are a woman with experience in the industry, we are accepting referrals to join us for dinner. Find us at a Cinefemme event and let us know that you're interested!





October 5: Dinner #1, With Simon Barrett

October 20: Dinner #2, With Jessica Sharzer

December 1: Dinner #3, With Elvia Van Es

January 17: Dinner #4, With Dean Cundey

February 8: Dinner #5, With Morgan Long

February 24: Dinner #6, With David Boxerbaum

March 30: Dinner #7, With Zoƫ Bell

March 21: Dinner #8, With Paul Feig

June 7: Dinner #9, With Lawrence Kopeikin

August 30: Dinner #10, With Byron Willinger

September 27: Dinner #11, with Rachel Shane

October 18: Dinner #12, With Osnat Shurer

December 13: Dinner #13, With VJ Boyd

February 18: Dinner #14, With Kimberley Browning

March 11: Dinner #15, With Dave Andron

May 23: Dinner #16, With Peter Van Steemburg

August 15: Dinner #17, With Tammy Wood

August 20: Dinner #18, With Erica Lee and Esther Hornstein