Membership Benefits

Cinefemme Membership FAQ

Cinefemme is a non-profit organization created by women filmmakers, for women-identified and non-binary filmmakers. We provide fiscal sponsorship to a limited number of qualified non-commercial projects with women in key creative roles.  Our series of innovative programs, events and screenings connect women filmmakers to opportunities to green-light their projects. Membership costs $80 (US) annually and includes the following benefits (we cannot guarantee that membership grants access to all benefits for all members;  some benefits are on a first come, first serve basis).  We intentionally keep our annual dues low in order to provide access to emerging artists in the business, but encourage prospective members to apply for a Pro Membership if they are financially able.


Who can be a Cinefemme?

Any key creative or department head (producer, director, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer, composer, production designer, sound engineer, VFX artist, special effects makeup artist, grip, property master, costume designer, PR/marketing executive, distributor, casting director, or development executive, etc.) with an IMDB credit who is female, non-binary, or identifies as a woman can become an official Cinefemme member. You will need to apply for membership and you will be notified of your acceptance via email.  Please include a link to your IMDB page and information about your professional projects.  We are specifically looking for volunteer editors and videographers to collaborate with for our VIP events. Once your membership is confirmed, you will have access to a wide array of Cinefemme member benefits and perks, including the secret Cinefemme: MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group (where most of our communications take place).  Please ask to be added to this group on Facebook once your membership has been approved.  People who are not official Cinefemme members will not have access to this group. 


What do I definitely  get as a member?

  • Members will be able to call themselves an official Cinefemme, a brand which stands for professionalism, unity, inclusiveness, and representation for all women in key creative roles in the film, TV, and digital industries.
  • Members will have access to create and update their own individual profile page on the official Cinefemme website with links to social media, creative work, and achievements. Members are advised to exercise caution with the personal information they make public.
  • Members will receive Film Festival and film lab waivers and discounts.
  • Members will have access to exclusive Cinefemme networking events and meet-ups, including sponsored events at Canon Burbank and the Vesper Violet Hour (an informal social club for all trades).  Although most of our events are based in Los Angeles at this time, some occur in San Francisco and New York, and may expand to other cities in the future.
  • Members receive access to our private Facebook members-only group, a growing network of industry professionals and creative collaborators.  Please ask to join this group after you are approved: Cinefemme: MEMBERS ONLY
  • Members will have access to Cinefemme partners collaborations, such as Looptown, which currently offers our members free ADR / looping and background sessions, and ShareGrid.


What are possible additional member benefits, contingent on availability and vetting, etc.?  

  • Exclusive invitation to our Dinner with Dames program.  Once members have been vetted or referred by previous participants, they can sign up for a future mentorship dinner with one of our VIP hosts.
  • Limited access to the Fiscal Sponsorship application.  Cinefemme is volunteer-run and there is a limited amount of fiscal sponsorees that we can support within the year.  Priority access is given to our volunteer staff and program directors followed by members (with an eye toward diversity).  Fiscal sponsorees candidates must be members of Cinefemme to apply for fiscal sponsorship.  
  • Directors may receive entrance to our Cinefemme Directors Collective chapters, currently in effect across the United States.  At this time, qualified directors must have directed at least one short, feature, professional music video, or high-quality web series. Film festival waivers and submission discounts are available. Individual city Chapter Heads are responsible for final acceptance into each Directors Collective.
  • Potential distribution on our exclusive online Seed & Spark Cinefemme channel.
  • Potential appearances at official Cinefemme speaker and filmmaker panels at various film festivals, particularly if member has a film being screened at that event. 
  • Potential profile or appearance on official Cinefemme podcast, The Test, and on other press outlets.
  • Members may have their work and news promoted on official Cinefemme social media and the official Cinefemme newsletter.

Where do my membership fees go?

It’s hard work making a 501-c3 non-profit organization run smoothly!  Cinefemme’s operations and development takes a lot of time from our committed staff and board.  While membership dues, as a whole, neither collectively nor adequately compensate us for the work we put into Cinefemme, they certainly do help.  Your funds will help compensate administrative staff with overhead costs, government filing fees, accounting, taxes, stipends, web development, web server hosting, graphic design work, legal fees, credit card processing fees, office and equipment costs, outreach costs, marketing materials, and more.  We are launching this first year at a lower annual membership rate and will do our best to fundraise from other sources, but since Cinefemme’s programs and offerings are growing rapidly, we reserve the right to raise annual dues as necessary.  

We also encourage our members to participate, volunteer, connect us to resources, refer new members, and do their individual part to make Cinefemme the greatest organization it can be for us all.  Each person has something special to bring to the table, and want to hear from you about how you can contribute to Cinefemme.

For more information about membership, please contact