Cinefemme Directors Collective

Cinefemme Directors Collective

The Cinefemme Director’s Collective is a cutting-edge network of female-identified and non-binary film and media directors who create boundary-breaking content through narrative and documentary storytelling. We are passionate about the craft of directing and are committed to raising the bar in our creative industries. The Collective’s regular meetings and events are dedicated to supporting creators with the goal of mutual mentorship and improving our craft.  

In 2017, the percentage of professionally working female directors dropped. We won’t allow that to happen again. Our intimate group meetings and ground-breaking events fosters a community of people to whom the industry can’t say no.

We are artists. We tell stories. We make whatever we want.


In order to join the Cinefemme Director's Collective at this time, qualified directors must have a director credit on short films, a feature, professional music videos, or high-quality web series in order to apply. Ideally, candidates have some or all of these requirements:  IMDB credits that reflect their work, film festivals in which their project has shown, three years of experience, and/or multiple high-quality projects.  Please note: As it is our intention to keep events and gatherings intimate, this group has limited capacity. We do our best to cultivate a diverse, cohesive, and exciting mess of folks who can best support one another.  Cinefemme Directors Collective Chapter Heads reserve the right to determine final admission into each chapter's group, and eligibility and application does not guarantee admission.

Candidates must be an official member of Cinefemme in good standing.


Members are expected to:

Volunteer and assist in coordinating meetings and events

Be engaged and active participants

Share resources and mentorship

Be excited about building our community

You get out of it what you put into it!


To apply or for further information, please follow the instructions below for your city's chapter.   They will be in touch with you!  If you don’t see your city listed and would like to discuss starting a Cinefemme Directors Collective chapter, please contact our Collective Committee Chair at  



NEW YORK-  Members of the NYC Cinefemme Directors Collective must sign up to plan at least one month’s event annually in order to be a member.  TO APPLY: please email your CONTACT INFO, BIO and LINKS TO WORK to:


LOS ANGELES: TO APPLY, please fill out this google form:   The LA Collective meets 7:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of every other month.  For further inquiries, contact:


The Cinefemme Writer's Collective Program: OUTLINE  (currently available in Los Angeles)

We are a group of women-identifying and non-binary screenwriters at the early stages of professional screenwriting careers. This group will meet bi-monthly to focus on the story outlines of current projects whether they are features, shorts, or pilots. Our structure is different from other writing workshops in that it our goal is not to read finished screenplays or works. Instead, we aim to identify and strengthen the work at earlier stages, before rewrites. By focusing on outline, members will be able to share the blueprints of their stories in organized meetings and get direct feedback about the story, characters, goals, conflicts, and heart of their scripts. In this fine tuning process we will create professionally competitive work and improve the statistics of working women screenwriters.


To apply to Outline, click here: