ThoughtScribe is a short film directed by Amelia Shivani Hassard, written and produced by Ben Gottlieb. Miffy uses an artificial intelligence device to log her inner life, to help her connect with her writing. As Miffy looks at her thoughts, she externalises the characters she writes. And now her thoughts won't behave.

Amelia Shivani Hassard is a filmmaker from London, currently based in New York for her Film MFA at Columbia University as the BAFTA LA Scholar 2015. Before coming to New York, she worked at BBC Storyville and The Ink Factory. She later co-founded Snatch Documentaries and is their Director of Photography. Her cinematography has screened at the British Film Institute and her photography has been exhibited alongside Rebecca Norris Webb and Esther Teichmann. 
She has a Physics degree from University College London.
Her work can be seen on



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