’s action is to extend the thoughtful international film and film culture for young audiences - particularly the model presented at film festivals like the Berlinale’s Generation, Ale Kino! Poland, and the Olympia Festival in Greece - as an online learning tool. offers a unique opportunity for European students to extend their legacy through engaging in peer-to-peer learning with their international peers elsewhere in the world. Likewise, Lab contributes to curriculum as a learning tool for film students in order to better understand their audience, in support of making authentic stories rooted in empathy for young audiences.

Cognitive research reveals international films watched in childhood have the capacity to plant cornerstone memories and to potentially direct the life built upon them. asserts that films shown in the European film festival manner have the capacity to contribute to a broader worldview, thus, a more empathetic and communicative globe for the future.

Screen 360tv is a secure online portal for the delivery of a regularly-curated international film program for young audiences, ages 6 - 18 in the European film festival model. Screen 360tv will license to school and hospital systems, government programs, non-governmental organizations and homeschool households. Viewers schedule time to explore the world through original-language cinema made or curated for the young viewer, and moderated discussion further connects them with peers somewhere else in the world. The portal includes a feature allowing viewers to schedule a screening, view through a streaming function, and engage in question and answer sessions synchronously via the video conferencing system or asynchronously via a text feature. offers immersive, worldly experiences to young audiences, especially those isolated due to economic or health restrictions. promotes cultural literacy, multilingualism, and peer communication.

MISSION OF PROJECT: To increase cultural literacy, global understanding and multi-subject curricular support through the exchange of international film programming for young audiences shown in the festival model at institutions where young people learn. To provide an online meeting place for young audiences to watch and learn about film and themselves as international peers, across time and geographical borders. To provide a learning tool which supports film school curriculum in the development of authentic films for young audiences. 

“Some of us were lucky to have had someone who introduced us to the magic of cinema. The access to the world available through films shouldn’t be left up to luck.” Katy Kavanaugh has created imaginative film programs and workshops for young audiences for seventeen years. She co-founded the Children’s Filmfest at the Mill Valley Film Festival and founded the touring program, Screen360: Films for Children of the World. Selecting from not only international films made for young audiences seen annually at the Berlin Film Festival and others, but also drawing from her unique resources in Dance Theater, Contemporary Art, Cognitive Science and a conversation with a network of professionals cultivated over nearly twenty years of international exchange. She designs programs that promote discernment, independent thought, and the wellbeing of the child; and which have the capacity to leave an indelible image that continues to contribute to the life built upon it. She holds an M.Ed from Stanford University and practices innovation principles developed at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, ""  Her correlating research on the Impact of International Films on Childhood Autobiographical Memory or "Finding Felix" can be seen here: and is also fiscally sponsored by


Vilnis Kalnaellis:  Dir., Rija Films’ activities are production, distribution and sales for animation, documentaries and fictions. With filmography boasts more than 41 international co-production and cooperations, including 21 of its own titles, Rija work shows in “Les Triplettes de Belleville” and “Kirikou et la Sorciere.” Rija Films has participated in Cannes Film Festivals with feature “In the Fog” and animated short “To Swallow a Toad.” Rija’s animation is on screens now in Greenaway’s “Eisenstein in Guanajuato” and “The Golden Horse.” (

Katy Kavanaugh: founder and curator of two children’s film festivals based on Berlin Film Festival model; Co-founder Children’s Filmfest Mill Valley Film Festival; Berlinale Kinderfilmfest international Jury 2001; Inaugural Talent Campus 2003 and 2004. Founder, Screen360: Films for Children of the World. Three DE-US co-producted films. M.Ed. Stanford University Graduate School of Education, Learning, Design and Technology. Research: Impact of International film on Childhood Autobiographical Memory in collaboration with Berlinale Generation section. 

Lilian Klages:  Producer and Executive Producer of Animation in two of the most powerful markets for young audience media: Denmark and Germany. As the Director and Chair of the Animation Producer-Line at Film Academy Baden Würtemberg, Germany as well as Curator for the APD at international FMX Festival in Stuttgart. With an academic background in Sociology, Klages understands the potential social impact of films exchanged internationally.       (



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