The Last Client: Episode 2

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Project Synopsis: When Princeton physicists discover time travel in 2048, corporations turn it into a profitable business in which Time Contractors can take clients through time for a substantial fee. When Time Contractor Sam Weston takes a mysterious client back to the 1800s, he realizes he has changed the course of history altogether. He must try to set things right, all while evading FBI Agents, who believe he's a wanted terrorist.

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The Last Client, originally a stand-alone short film, was released online in March 2015. Since then, it has been turned into a web series in response to audience feedback; viewers wanted to know what happened next and felt that the story of Sam Weston was unfinished. The Last Client: Episode 2 is a chance to deliver more content from the world of time travel to dedicated and invested fans of the genre. 

Bio: Regina Kim is a writer/director in the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of UC Berkeley. An avid writer, she published two young adult novels in high school before turning to screenwriting in college. Due to her love of the sci-fi genre, she wrote and directed her first short film, The Last Client, while working at The Film Clubs, a production company in the Bay Area. The film has been screened at various festivals in the US and Europe.  



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The Last Client: Episode 2