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Published on July 04, 2017

Art Director and Executive Director of Women In Media, Tema Staig is a powerhouse do-er creative on a mission. Tema's company, Women In Media, is a growing contact list of women in all areas of film production. Bechdel approved, her organization provides thousands of options for creating greater gender parity on any film set. From DJing in New York City when virtually no women were spinning in clubs, to set designing in LORT theaters across the country to Art Directing and running product placement for indie hit 'Kissing Jessica Stein,' Tema has lived and worked in so many creative worlds. Tune in for this exciting and open chat that delves into everything from how Tema's grandparents escaped the Holocaust via Cuba to her assistant production designing on 'American Splendor' to how she retired from chemical laden set painting when she became pregnant with her daughter.