Kate Hackett

Kate Hackett I've been acting since I was 5 years old, trained alongside Emerson students in Boston and the bigwigs out in L.A., and am working within the web/internet community to branch out into new (and old) media. I've studied serious tehcniques (Stanislavski! Adler! Meisner! Shari Shaw! JRS!) and I've studied the "fun stuff" (UCB! improv troupes! sketches!). I can shift from beat to beat, moment to moment, in a comedy and I can find the reality - and the humor - within drama while staying out of my own way. I live in Los Angeles with some idiot cats and so many books that I store Harry Potter on my kitchen shelves. I currently have two shows on Amazon (Classic Alice & Not a Plan) and am developing a scifi drama series.