Erin Neumeyer

Erin Neumeyer Erin is a photographer & actress-VO artist-director-writer, you know... the all around multi-hyphenate “maker" type. Her favorite phrase is "Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction every time.” She has a background in PR & Marketing & has worked with non-profits like The Humane Society & Project Angel Food, fundraising, running events and managing communication. She's the Comm. Dir. of Connect Film Fest. She’s a graduate of the Second City Conservatory in Chicago as well as iO Chicago and iO west. Member of Women In Film, Women in Animation and is a huge fan of Seed and Spark, Film Powered and of course, Ms. in the Biz where she writes a monthly column. She has two children who she adores and who also work in the entertainment industry Erin is currently filming a web series with her kids called Your Neighbors The Neumeyer’s, and is in pre-production on a social activism themed short film that she wrote.