Christianna Carmine

Christianna Carmine Born and raised in New York, Christianna Carmine spent much of her early life as a stage actor and studying the human condition. After completing her Masters’ Degree in Psychology, Carmine continued to pursue a career in film. While working as an actor, Christianna’s attention was drawn towards the art of filmmaking. In 2011, she wrote and directed her first short, To Live and Try in LA, shot on 16mm. Shortly thereafter, Christianna wrote, and directed her second short film, Darryl which premiered at the GI Film Festival in 2016 and has won awards for Best Director and Best International Drama. Christianna’s fourth directing venture, Solstice Ranch stars Ryan Pinkston, Matt Shively, and Marlon’s Essence Atkins and premiered at LA Shorts Fest in 2018. Recently, Christianna was hired to direct a series of narrative shorts for the Pasadena Community Foundation and continues to create original content with a focus on socially and culturally relevant themes and subject matter.