Carla Lee

Carla  Lee I'm a SF-based Producer/Writer/Actor who gets complimented on my “nice tan” all the time. Surprise, San Francisco: I'm black! Enter my new series, NICE TAN: a WOC/LGBTQIA-led sketch comedy show about identity in a world that's not as woke as it thinks it is. America has never seen a mainstream sketch show like ours, and we're determined to be the first -- join us as we showcase perspectives and characters underrepresented in media, and cover a broad range of issues with humor, sarcasm, poignancy, and fun. Sketch comedy is the perfect genre to tackle the complexities of identity in a humorous, thoughtful way that invites our audience in to laugh with us, and challenges the assumptions we make about ourselves and others. We're excited to launch a show that embraces a multitude of American growing pains in a unique way, and are eager to find partners who will help us break this new ground in the comedy landscape.