Film logline:

Living with the impact of post-traumatic stress, Carissa, Jonathan, and Etiene turn to Shakespeare, dramatic and musical theatre to transform their mental and physical health when traditional therapies alone weren’t helping.


Project Synopsis

Visceral is the story of three people who face a constant desire to give up and die because recovery from trauma is not a linear, all-is-well path, but a journey of continued struggles. They are stuck, trapped by their states of shame, self-loathing, isolation and guilt caused by the invisible scars left by trauma trapped in their bodies. Hopes of a meaningful life are buried. Like most people who suffer from trauma’s impact, the ability to even imagine a different life is elusive. Until they step on stage. Through performance, they experience a transformative unlocking and release of the toxic stress in their bodies. They are not professional actors, but people who want to reclaim their vitality, their relationships and their lives. They begin to connect with others, experience a fuller life and move into action in a way they couldn’t before. As they reclaim their lives and feel they feel more hopeful about getting the help they need to heal and grow.




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