The Unicorn Diaries

When Lili, an innocent curious Iraqi-American DJ girl with a traditional family and a long-term partner, is inspired by a liberated polyamorous couple to sample the Ethical Non-Monogamous lifestyle and explore a new world of sexual encounters, multiples partners, and fetish dating apps, she takes on the challenge from her boyfriend to prove she can keep her explorations from impacting their relationship.

Lili embarks on a journey of self-discovery in a world where no one and nothing is as they seem. She discovers a new kind of love, freedom, and ultimately finds her voice.


What Makes “The Unicorn Diaries” Worth Funding?

It has an existing niche of champions of “Ethical Non-Monogamy” -- complete with literature, podcasts, products, and dating apps -- yet is broad enough in topic to be something everyone would be interested in. 


It explores a world not yet represented in films, and examines the psychology behind why certain people are drawn to this lifestyle and others are not. 


Just like being gay or trans, are some people inherently polyamorous and other are not? These are the questions the world is asking at this moment.


The topics of sex, love and dating have a universal appeal, especially when presented in a provocative, hilarious and stylized form of entertainment.


It also is about female empowerment emerging from cultural oppression, as the main character has the freedom to have many lovers in just two generations past her middle eastern aunts who were forced into marriages in their early teens with much older men.


Our demographic would start with people who are either dating or in long-term relationships, live in urban areas, and are open to alternative lifestyles. 


That being said, when we began this development journey, it was to make the poly movie that everyone needed to see. Provocative and sexy, yet educational, heartfelt, and something you could watch with your parents. Something you SHOULD watch with your parents.



Serene Zloof aka Datgirl  (Writer/Producer) is an Award-Winning Writer, Producer, and Actress as well as Electronic Music Producer/MC, with a flair for sexy techie girl-powered dance music, character transformations,  magical-surrealism, and rave culture satire.

She is the writer, creator and star of the rave culture comedy series “Pop&Spin” on Amazon Prime. She is a 2022 winner of the We Make Movies “Make Your Feature” Competition, and is currently producing “The Unicorn Diaries”, a Romanic Comedy about Ethical Non-Monogamy.


Datgirl tours internationally as a DJ/live producer/MC, and writes and performs one-girl multi-character comedy plays at the NYC Fringe, San Francisco Fringe and upcoming Edinburgh Fringe, including “GIRLPOWER: The Adventures of Girlcules” and “MANIFEST: The Battle of Intergalactic Farces” hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as “hallucinatory, funny, and provocatively perceptive.”   


With bicoastal roots  in San Francisco, NYC, and LA,  Serene has been fortunate to study acting and screenwriting at prestigious institutions including the American Conservatory Theater, Lee Strasberg School of Acting, UC Berkeley, NYU, Writers Boot Camp, and the Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Second City. She is a Content Creator at “We Make Movies” Film Production Company, part of the Second City Conservatory and identifies as an Iraqi American Jewish Buddhist.


Cate Caplin (Director) has produced, directed and choreographed over 200 productions and her work has been seen on television, in films, music videos, commercials and in theatrical venues world wide from the Paris Opera House to the Broadway Stage. Cate is a 34 times Regional and International Theatrical Ballroom Dance Champion and her Production company, Night and Day Entertainment, co-founded with creative partner Vernon Willet, custom designs entertainment for private parties, corporate events and industrial trade shows. Cate wrote and directed her first feature film, Mating Dance which won an Accolade Award, Multiple Indie Fest Awards 2022 and Best Indie Feature at the NYC 2021 Oniros Film Festival. She has been the recipient of a Garland Award, a Women In Theatre Red Carpet Award, multiple LA Stage Alliance Ovation, Eddon and Scenie Awards and was the recipient of an Award of Excellence from the LA Film Commission for her work as a Writer, Director, Choreographer and Producer. 



The Unicorn Diaries