Love, Danielle



When Danielle, a a happily married thirty-something, tests positive for a BRCA1 gene mutation, she learns that this puts her at a very high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer (thanks a lot, DNA). She now struggles with daily life, working at her bakery with her hubby Pat and hanging out with her clueless best buds on game night. Her older, smart-alecky sister Amy is already undergoing chemotherapy for a breast cancer diagnosis.


Danielle now contemplates preemptively removing her "ticking time bomb" breasts and reproductive organs before cancer gets her, too. Her decision-making process involves flashbacks of her screwed up childhood with absent parents, bizarre anesthesia-induced dreams, and toxic confrontations with her recovering alcoholic mother and self-absorbed YEEHAW-filled 70's TV Western star father. Ultimately, Danielle must figure out how to prioritize her health and well-being by putting herself first. 



LOVE, DANIELLE is the first scripted feature film to tackle the completely absurd decisions and issues faced by an individual who carries a BRCA gene mutation but has not been diagnosed with cancer. It is estimated that around 1 in 200-400 individuals worldwide carries a BRCA gene mutation.


DEVIN SIDELL (writer, producer, star)d

Devin Sidell, who will be playing Danielle, is BRCA-1 positive and underwent a preventative oophorectomy/hysterectomy in November 2016 while her older sister was undergoing chemotherapy for Triple-Negative, Stage 2B breast cancer. Sidell’s mother survived Stage 4 ovarian cancer in 1994, but her mother’s sister passed away from the same cancer in 1996. In December 2017, Sidell opted to undergo a preventative double-mastectomy. However, she has not undergone reconstructive surgery specifically to play the role of Danielle realistically. She will openly exhibit her scars and expanders so that the audience can truly get a feeling for what a difficult decision this is and how the aftermath honestly looks.

Love, Danielle