There aren't many female heroes, nevertheless Latina female heroes. And even rarer than that, ones that can kill while dancing. Enter our hero, Jalisco. She dances folklorico in her cultural dress attire from her region. The blades become released from the fringes of the skirt. She twirls perfectly and slices necks at the same time. She's an assassin. And this is her story.

This is Desperado meets Kill Bill. It's an action packed short with a Latina heroine, diverse cast, and an all female crew. Jalisco showcases the strength of the Mexican community through the power of traditional folklorico dancing.



Kayden Phoenix is a Latina Writer, Director, Producer, and Feminist hailing from East Los Angeles, California. She received a full ride academic scholarship to Loyola Marymount University where she acquired a BA in Business Administration, with an Emphasis in Marketing. Upon entering the industry, the first thing she noticed was the industry dominated standard- complete with character generalizations. In response, she became a huge advocate for diversity both in front and behind the camera, giving a voice to stories untold. She plans on evening the playing field for the under-represented through her unique and diverse filmmaking.

“A big part of my life’s purpose is to give voice to stories as multifaceted, atypical, and diverse as the people we find in the real world.”



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