Bluestocking Film Series is an exclusive annual showcase for provocative, well-produced films that feature complex female protagonists driving the narrative and leading the action. The only film event in the world to require female protagonists, submissions must also pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test (2 or more women characters who speak to each other about something other than men).

The Bluestocking is the first US film event to receive Sweden’s A-Rating (which informs consumers whether films pass the test). We believe female characters deserve to be portrayed with just as much complexity as their male counterparts. We also believe that audiences love a good story no matter what the lead character's gender is.

The Bluestocking Film Series celebrates and promotes talented, emerging filmmakers who take the creative risk of placing female protagonists front and center and introduces audiences to those who are bound to influence the future of filmed entertainment.

Kate Kaminski, Artistic Director
Kate Kaminski is a screenwriter, director, and independent filmmaker whose films have screened all over the world. As Gitgo Productions, she and partner Betsy Carson have produced more than 30 films, including 4 low-budget features and numerous short fiction and non-fiction films. Gitgo’s 53-episode improvised Willard Beach was the first web series produced in Maine. In 2011, Kaminski founded the Bluestocking Film Series, a one-of-a-kind event and Maine’s only women in film festival. Kaminski holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Texas at Austin and a master’s in Film from Boston University. She teaches production, film studies, and screenwriting part-time at University of Southern Maine and Maine College of Art.



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Bluestocking Film Series