Jennifer Huang

Jennifer Huang Currently directing and producing The Long Rescue documentary about girls rebuilding their lives after sex trafficking, Jennifer is driven to stand with people fighting poverty, oppression and injustice. For almost two decades, her work has brought her to unexpected places: scrubbing in for a kidney transplant at the Mayo Clinic (Anonymous Content); writing questions for Colin Powell about African American soldiers in WWI (Harlem's Hellfighters, Lucasfilm); booking an interview with Hugh Jackman in the middle of Sydney Harbor (Get the Edge, Lieberman Productions); and being questioned in a shipping container in Papua New Guinea (Standing on Sacred Ground, Sacred Land Film Project). Jennifer has worked as a writer, co-producer and associate producer for PBS, Anonymous Content, the Travel Channel and others. She was a 2013 BAVC MediaMaker Fellow and joined the BAVC Producers Institute in 2010. She also co-founded Hyphen, an Asian American news and culture magazine.